Plant Nixes Led Zep Tour


“No intention
whatsoever” of touring his old band.


By Fred Mills


Gee, nobody saw this coming: with the UK
press hyperventilating
over a presumed Led Zep reunion and tour this year,
Robert Plant felt compelled to step in and issue an “official statement” on his
website setting the record straight. He makes it clear that after he completes
the current Raising Sand tour with
Alison Krauss on Oct. 5 he has “no intention whatsoever  of touring with anyone for at least the next
two years.”


The statement reads, in part:



Contrary to a spate of
recent reports, Robert Plant will not be touring or recording with Led
Zeppelin. Anyone buying tickets online to any such event will be buying bogus

“It‘s both frustrating and ridiculous for this story to continue to
rear its head when all the musicians that surround the story are keen to get on
with their individual projects and move forward,” Robert Plant said.

“I wish Jimmy Page, John Paul Jones and Jason Bonham nothing but success with
any future projects,” he added.



So there ya go. Guess those “sources close to the band” in London that the British
media was relying on for their info didn’t bother to check in directly with
Percy, eh?


Of course, AFTER that two years that Plant mentions has
elapsed, the sky’s the limit….




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