Phair For New “90210” + Tilly Video From Show


You probably watch The
Hills, too….

By Blurt Staff




Tilly and the Wall taped a performance of “Pot Kettle Black”
for the Sept. 2 season premiere of the revived/remade/remodeled Beverly
You watched that, right? Probably burned up the message boards afterwards,
right? See below if you missed it (warning: turn the volume up).


Now media reports indicate that Liz Phair is doing some of
the soundtrack music for the show, and this should come as a big…


Aw, who gives a fuck. The original 90210 was the dumbest show ever to crawl out of the leaky cultural
anus known as the ‘90s. (So if you were interested enough to click on this news
item when you saw the headline, you are, by definition, a dumbass… almost as
big a dumbass as we are for even drafting this news item…




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