Paul McCartney Gets Jiggy In Tel Aviv



Apparently not running
for public office yet, however.

By Fred Mills


You’d think he was a visiting head of state, not just an
ex-Beatle. But as Macca – that’s Sir Paul McCartney (“the cute one”) to you –
preps for his Thursday night concert in Tel Aviv, amid
opposite-ends-of-spectrum media reports about Beatlemania returning to Israel and
extremist Muslim wingnuts threatening his life, he’s getting a security cordon of some 5,000 members of the Israeli army.


This is fucking nuts. Not even heads of state get that kind
of treatment. Come to think of it, with nearly 1,400 news clips posted to the
web about McCartney’s visit to the web (based on a quick Google scan), they
don’t even generate this sort of digital ink!


And no, the individuals in the picture are not part of the
security team. But that is Paul.


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