Palin In A Swimsuit = Not So Hot





Video of Palin
competing in beauty pageant judged and found wanting.

By Randy Harward


So… Did you see this? It’s Sarah Palin, then known as Sarah
Heath, competing in the swimsuit event of the 1984 Miss Alaska a beauty pageant.
It was 1984, so her one-piecer (red, of course) isn’t as puritanically prudish
as it may seem. Her hair is, though—and frankly, she’s got some cottage cheese
happenin’. Watch the turn: it ain’t pretty.




The Huffington Post reports
the footage was supplied by an Alaskan who swears it’s for real. Since the
announcer talks about how Sarah led her basketball team to the Alaska State
Championship, which is how she got the nickname Sarah Barracuda and went on to piss off Heart’s Ann and Nancy Wilson. Here’s more from Palin’s




Sarah says she wants
to prepare for a career in television broadcasting by majoring in
telecommunications and political science. It is no wonder that she has also
been recognized by ‘Who’s Who?’ since she has displayed her leadership in all
areas, from academics to student politics to athletics… Ladies and gentlemen,
contestant no. 8, Sarah Heath.




You can see more at the HP’s post or watch the YouTube embed
below. If you choose the latter, act fast: YouTube has evidently removed the
clip several times. One clip removal notice says, “This video is no longer
available due to a copyright claim by Splash News,” but BLURT thinks she’s just
worried about pissing off the evangelicals by showing more saddlebag than Jesus
would allow. What’s more, the original poster claims, “If you think this clip
is good, wait until you see her play her flute in the talent competition…”
And you know a wholesome candidate can’t have that circulating, lest she become the next Popsicle Twin.


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