Oasis Offers Free Unreleased Track




Meanwhile, we have a
free unreleased record review…

By Fred Mills


It’s been a busy day, Oasis-wise, here at BLURT central. First, we
wake up to the news that Noel Gallagher’s been diagnosed with broken ribs in
the aftermath of that Toronto
assault. Then a member of our crack writing team slips us a review of the
forthcoming Oasis album Dig Out Your Soul (due Oct. 7 from Warner Bros.) in which he enthuses that while the band had
appeared to bottom out of late, the new record “filters glam-rock swagger and a
psychedelic Beatles climax through a strictly ‘90s alt-rock sheen (think R.E.M.
in Monster mode with bigger


Keep your eyes peeled for the full review next week.




Meanwhile, word just arrived that if you preorder the album
from iTunes you’ll also get a free download of the non-album track “I Believe
In All,” which was recorded during Dig sessions but didn’t make the final cut. You’ll also get album track “Falling
Down” when you preorder.


The album incidentally, will come in two formats: a “simple”
ten-song version that you’ll be able to get on the cheap, and a “full” version
that comes with a documentary on the making of the record.


Don’t forget that at BLURT we also offer, absolutely free,
downloads of every single review we publish. Just right-mouse click and let the
digital magic unfold…. Why? Because we care, gentle readers, we care.


Oasis, back when they wuz cool:




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