New Jesu Record Streaming Online Now



Justin Broadrick serves up his latest…

By Fred Mills



Justin Broadrick’s mighty
Jesu – extant since 2003 since Godflesh broke up – has been incredibly busy the
past few months, issuing two split EPs, Jesu/Envy (in July) and Jesu/Battle of Mice (August). Prior to that were the vinyl editions of Heart Ache and Pale Sketches,
nd just this week, the Why Are We
Not Perfect?
EP arrived courtesy Hydra Head.


It’s a bit more
electronica-oriented than some of Jesu’s previous guitar-thunder (there are
some moments one could arguably describe as “pop,” in fact), it’s but no less
intense and teeth-rattling. You can find out for yourself, in fact: Jesu is
streaming the record in its entirety right now.


Just go HERE and check it


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