New Dylan Vid w/Harry Dean Stanton Premieres



Kids, don’t try bootlegging a major label
artist at home…

By Fred Mills



Amazon is
premiering the new, previously unreleased Bob Dylan song and music video
“Dreamin’ of You” on
For the time being, Amazon gets the exclusive.



“Dreamin’of You”
stars Harry Dean Stanton, and provides fans with a preview of Dylan’s new
album, “Tell Tale Signs: The Bootleg
Series Vol. 8
,” set for release on Oct. 7.



“The impact of Bob Dylan on
popular music and American culture over the past half-century is incalculable.
His talent for both singing and songwriting has inspired fans and fellow
musicians alike,” said Peter Faricy, vice president of music and movies at “We are proud to provide our customers with this unique experience
as part of our celebration of the Amazon Music Store’s 10th anniversary, and thrilled that our customers and Dylan fans have this
extraordinary opportunity to get a first look at one of his newest songs.”



Well, of course.



What’s in those suitcases Stanton is toting? Is he
running a bootleg operation out of his office? Don’t normal folks like us get
visited by the FBI for similar activities? Check out the video and find out for



Incidentally, whether due to
a massive number of people trying to call up the Dylan vid or just a klunky
video player, at the moment it takes ages for it to load, so make sure you
bring a book or a magazine with you so you can have something to do while you




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