New Dylan Album Streams on NPR


Savvy marketing or serving
the public good? Only Zimmy knows for sure…


By Fred Mills



Bob Dylan previews his forthcoming album Tell Tale Signs – a 2-CD set of rarities, an the latest
installment in his “Bootleg” series – this week on the  National Public Radio Music website. Starting
at 12:01 a.m. Eastern time Tuesday evening (Sept. 30), fans can log on to the
NPR site ( where the
album will be streamed in its entirety.


NPR has featured live music podcasts for some time but this
will mark a new foray into the music biz for the venerable radio outlet that
some are saying steps over into a grey area that smacks more of savvy marketing
by an artist than actually serving the public good (as is NPR’s mandate).


Regardless, it’s sure to be a hit among listeners. The
album’s due to hit stores Oct. 7.


Dylan kicks off his fall ’08 tour on Oct. 23 in Victoria, BC, for a
monthlong trek that will focus primarily on Canada
with the exception of a few dates in Minnesota
and Wisconsin.
For a full list of tour dates, go to his official website.


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