McSame Campaign Rips Off Heart Song Again


So what the hell is on
Sarah Barracuda’s iPod these days, anyhow? Oh yeah, that’s right – Van Halen’s “Hot
For Teacher.”


By Fred Mills



As we told you last week in this space, the John McSame-Sarah
Van Palen campaign tapped rock band Heart’s song “Barracuda” for, apparently,
the aspiring Veep’s theme music – word has it that the Alaska governor had  nickname of “Sarah Barracuda” when she was a
hotshot basketball player in high school.


Heart’s Ann and Nancy Wilson were neither flattered nor
amused and requested that the G.O.P. not use their song again.


Not long afterwards, Heart guitarist Roger Fisher also
weighed in on the matter with a statement via his official mailing list:




As many of you have heard, there is a controversy regarding the
use of the Heart song Barracuda by the McCain/Palin campaign.


I want it to be clear that, while I think using Barracuda was a
feather in the cap for the McCain/Palin campaign, I STRONGLY ENDORSE
OBAMA/BIDEN, and will donate a portion of royalties received from the
Rebublican Convention Broadcast playing of Barracuda to the BARACK OBAMA


It is indicative of a gross lack of discretion on the Republican
Party’s part to make it appear that the musicians involved with Barracuda
support McCain/Palin. This is wrong and Heart deserves a public apology from
the McCain/Palin campaign.


I applaud you, Ann and Nancy Wilson!


Roger Fisher




Needless to say, there was no apology forthcoming. And now,
to add insult to injury, it turns out that the song was used yet AGAIN at a
campaign rally this morning in Lebanon,



Meanwhile, the message boards at lit up after the news portal posted
the story this morning. Read it HERE and then scroll down to view the comments,
which range from “you go, Sarah Barracuda!” to “she should be called Sarah
Pirahana” [sic] to “With something as
simple as a song, if they cannot respect Heart’s wishes what would make the
American people think that they would respect their wishes.” to “Dear McCain /
Palin, Please stop playing Barracuda. It was, and is, a terrible song.”


Whoops! Sorry about that last one, Wilsons.




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