McCartney Rekindles Fireman; Nude Pics?


Macca-Youth project in ten years.


By Blurt Staff

off his musical trip to Israel where by some accounts he reignited Arab-Israeli
tensions and received death threats for his efforts, Paul McCartney now sets
his sights on a different type of blaze as he returns in his electronica guise,
The Fireman. A duo comprising Macca and producer/Killing Joke member Youth,
Fireman issues its first recording in over a decade on Nov. 18 via MPL/ATO.
Titled Electric Arguments, the
13-song collection of McCartney compositions is also the first Fireman release
to feature vocals.



No word on whether he’ll be issuing another nude promotional version of the record or a single this
time around like he did before:





Below see the official press release plus tracklisting for the




“Ambient dreams in rainbow arches describe the circles of The
Fireman”, is how the duo described their music in a rare interview around
the release of their last album ‘Rushes’ in 1998.  Their first album ‘Strawberries Oceans Ships
, released in
1993, was a solid ambient dance album heavy on electronics.  Around this
time the identity of The Fireman was unknown until the press exposed the duo as
none other than Paul McCartney and Youth. The now defunct music bible Melody
Maker heaped praise on the project, “Paul McCartney has discovered dance
music – the results are staggeringly brilliant.  They (The Fireman) take a
melody and, with dexterous genre-hopping through ambient, trance and house,
evolve a number of breathtaking variations.”

year The Fireman returned to work again to start work on what would become Electric Arguments, ultimately finding
thirteen days and recording a song on each of those days over the course of a
little more than a year. The results this time are entirely different from any
previous Fireman release.

this year The Fireman donated a new track, Lifelong Passion (which appears on Electric Arguments) to the charity Adopt-A-Minefield. 
This new track marked a directional change for The Fireman, showcasing a more
traditional song based sound with vocals, completely unlike anything on the
previous two albums.  Speculation increased as a ‘studio source’ was
quoted in The Times of London as describing their new sound ‘like Arcade Fire
meets Led Zeppelin’.  So what had The Fireman been up to and what does the
album sound like?

Electric Arguments is an eclectic
and varied album consisting of thirteen tracks, each written and recorded in
the space of one day.   McCartney and Youth went into the studio with
no master plan or clear direction. Instead they let the project take a life of
its own, with the results surprising them as much as anyone.

record opens with a stylistically diverse trifecta: Nothing Too Much Just Out
Of Sight is a classic rock attention grabber followed by a hairpin turn in the
form of the acoustic driven Two Magpies and yet another direction with Sing The
Changes, a euphoric upbeat song with an undeniable and instantly memorable
melody.  Electric Arguments continues in this fashion, each track with an entirely different personality
yet all meshing perfectly.  Other standouts include ‘Light From Your
Lighthouse’, ‘Sun Is Shining’ and ‘Dance ‘Til We’re High’, all in keeping with
the genre-hopping spirit of the first two Fireman albums and demonstrating Paul
McCartney’s unending interest in pure musical possibilities.  This is an
album set to both surprise and delight the listener.  Made with no record
company restraints or a set release date to work to, Electric Arguments is a work of complete artistic and creative

Track listing:

Nothing Too Much Just Out Of Sight
Two Magpies
Sing The Changes
Traveling Light
Light From Your Lighthouse
Sun Is Shining
Dance ‘Til We’re High
Lifelong Passion
Is This Love?
Lovers In A Dream
Universal Here, Everlasting Now
Don’t Stop Running





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