Marianne Nowottny Is An American Band



Comin’ to your town
to help you party down…

By Fred Mills


Okay, okay… so she’s not going Grand Funk Railroad on us. But with her new 4-song, 7″ EP titled Marianne Nowottny & the All American
, you would be excused thinking it (indie rock irony is at an all time
low currently, so hey). What’s even better, anyhow, is that the limited edition
record – issued by Britain’s Sad Gnome label and available Stateside through
her regular label Abaton Book Company – is a more-than-credible followup to her
recent full-length CD What Is She Doing? (Abaton), so you know you want it.


Here’s what we had to say about the CD, back when we were
just a little BLURT-ling named Harp magazine:



At 25, Marianne Nowottny is no longer
the fluky teen prodigy who won raves for 1998’s
Afraid of Me. She has the same fluttering coo and
fondness for ethereal synths, but here she inches her knack for drum
programming towards dub and hip-hop. It’d come off kitschy if Nowottny hadn’t
grown so much as a songwriter in the past nine years. Beats slip from
background to foreground as needed, Eastern influences abound, and there’s a
theatricality to her singing that she’s admitted is learned from Tori Amos. The
Hawaiian-tinged standout “All Over the World” is a lush ode to a cruise with
her lover, whereas “Never Been in Love Before” and “I Don’t Wanna Fight” find
her resigned to an immaculate melancholy. Nowottny actually raps on the
gurgling banger “Mr. So & So” but it’s not
long before she turns back to her wavering Casio and swooning sense of


Well, all right then! So, for the new 4-songer, Nowottny (vocals,
keys, percussion), along with guitarist Mark Dagley and bassist Stirling
Krusing, rock the house with a platterful of twisted pop and discofied funk
(and some grand-ly patterned funk it
is). No less than calls it “cleverly dippy and crookedly ablaze
with an unhinged though crafted pop sensibility… trippy daydream hazes of
crooked calypso corteges pepper-corned subtly with 80’s [sic] string motifs into a
softly stirring shanty like beauty… [morphing] sweetly into a smoking babe that
draws its essence from the celebrated electro clash end of the musical spectrum.”
Yeah, hup! You can read the entire review and decide for yourself.


Or just take our advice and buy the damn record. And watch
for a review in your friendly neighborhood BLURT.


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