Louris/Olson Summit Due 2009!




This is
not a Jayhawks reunion.  Repeat: this is
not a Jayhawks reunion.


By Brian Creech


Don’t you love it when musicians
can put their differences aside and start acting like mature adults?  For Gary Louris and Mark Olson, it took 13
years for the two to quit pouting and start playing music.  As the Jayhawks Louris and Olson
(along with Marc Pearlman) wrote some of the most affecting vocally harmonized
country-rock of the 90’s.  Then
Gary said something stupid and Mark left in a
tizzy.  Louris kept the Jayhawks
together, going on to release three more albums before disbanding the group in
2003.  Since then, Louris and Olson have
released solo albums, toured together, and have slowly started to quit blaming
the other one for problems they can’t really remember having in the first


Actually the conflict wasn’t that
catty.  Olson just wanted to spend more
time with his wife and everyone was like “cool, go do that.”  Those Midwesterners are so darn polite. 


Annnnnnnnnnyway, earlier this
year, Louris and Olson got back together to record a new album’s worth of
material together.  The album is called Ready for the Flood
and is due January 27th, 2009 on New
West Records.  It was
produced by Chris Robinson (Black Crowes) and is the first album of new
material since Olson left the Jayhawks in 1995.


According to a New West press release, “Ready for the
 captures the stripped down, fingerpicking guitar playing
and  Laurel Canyon sound of an earlier time…The result is an organic,
intuitive and loosely confident album with several stand out tracks including
on Turn Your Pretty Name Around and Chamberlain, SD.



Louris and Olson will tour Europe this
fall with North American dates coming in the New Year.

Track List:

The Rose Society


Turn Your Pretty
Name Around

Saturday Morning
On Sunday Street

Kick The Wood

Chamberlain, SD

Black Eyes

Doves And Stones

My Gospel Song
For You

When The Wind
Comes Up

Bloody Hands

Life’s Warm

The Trap’s Been


[Photo of Gary Louris courtesy: 89.3 The Current/Stephanie Curtis, http://www.thecurrent.org)

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