Live Exclusives: Havens, Treasure Island

All the concert news
‘n’ reviews that’s fit to print.

By Blurt Staff


More concert coverage from your friendly neighborhood BLURT
– this time, we’ve got the Treasure Island Music Festival in San Francisco and Richie
Havens in Covington, KY.





  • *David Downs hopped a biodiesel-powered shuttle
    to Treasure Island in San
    Francisco Bay
    this past weekend
    (Sept. 19 and 20) where he caught acts like Justice, Vampire
    Weekend, the Dodos, the Raconteurs, Spiritualized and TV On The Radio. “The
    young’uns threw that shit into the wood-chipper, and reassembled the pieces
    live,” observes Downs, of the collective
    thumbing-of-nose at the music industry old guard taking place at T.I., adding,
    “on the fly, sometimes nastily, but always to devastating and maximal effect.”
  • *A week earlier Steven Rosen was getting his inner Woodstock
    Nation groove on at Richie Haven’s Sept. 9 show in Kentucky. Writes Rosen, “His performance has
    [a] spiritual intensity and immediacy… seated at a stool, furiously strumming
    an open-tuned acoustic guitar and choosing chording that often highlights a
    song’s inherent melancholy.”




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