Little Steven Says BOOO(CE)! For Halloween


Halloween-themed collection of tunes
from his Wicked Cool label.


By Fred Mills


Steven Van Zandt’s garage-shock label Wicked Cool has a spooky treat for ya in
a couple of weeks: Halloween A Go-Go,
a collection of scary, creepy, goony and loony tunes handpicked by Silvio
himself. It’s due September 16.



Steven filled us in: “Our first Halloween collection finds us probing the
subconscious to confront our most persistent demons on Garage Rock’s favorite
holiday. We are visited by some of the usual cast of characters one would
expect – Dracula, the Wolfman, Ghosts, Zombies and Witches – but are far more
horrified by that which cannot be touched, controlled, bargained with, or
avoided – our own dreams. 


“During the
course of these proceedings you will find yourself dancing with the devil,
laughing in the face of the apocalypse, transported to the mystic forests of
your deepest darkest secrets and insatiable lusts, and shocked by the
helplessness of your own confessions of the sacred and the profane.  But afterward, if you live, one fact above
all with remain clear – now you will learn why you fear the night!”



And dig it,
fans and collectors: “Restless Nights,” performed Bruce Springsteen and the E Street
Band (which Steven is, uh, a member of), is one of those obscure gems
previously only available on the Springsteen rarities box Tracks.




Halloween A Go-Go Track List:



01. The Electric Prunes ­ I Had Too
Much to Dream Last Night

02. Bruce Springsteen and The E
Street Band – Restless Nights

03. The Chesterfield Kings – Running Through My

04. The Fuzztones – I’m the Wolfman

05. Howlin’ Wolf ­ Howlin’ For My

06. Minus 5 – Lies of the Living

07. Roky Erickson and The Aliens – I
Walked With a Zombie

08. Jarvis Humby -­ Man with the
X-Ray Eyes

09. Sweatmaster – I Am A Demon and I
Love Rock and Roll

10. Tegan And Sara – Walking With A

11. The Stems – She’s a Monster

12. Carl Perkins – Put Your Cat
Clothes On

13. John Zacherle “The Cool Ghoul” –
Dinner with Drac

14. The Pretty Things – Walking
Through My Dreams

15. Donovan – Season of the Witch


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