Diddy Sez McCain "Buggin' the Fuck Out"



Diddy to McCain: Alaska? I don’t even know if there’s any black people in Alaska.

By Randy Harward



“Attention John McCain, attention John McCain: My name is Diddy. Okay? You may know my by government name–Sean Combs–but, you know, my friends and my family, they call me Diddy, a.k.a. Ciroc Obama. We’ll get to that on a whole ‘nother blog. But right now, I had to check in witchoo to tell you that you are bugging the fuck out.”


So says Sean “Diddy” Combs in a halting, borderline incoherent rant on his “Diddy Blog #16.” As Diddy films himself spinning around in his yard, he proceeds to tell McCain his choice of running mate is absolutely insane and–if we understand correctly, it’s because she’s a white woman from Alaska. Here’s more from the post, which you really have to watch in its entirety:


I don’t even understand–what planet you’re on right now… This is the job to be the leader of the free world. Okay? No disrespect. I love you; I want you to live to be 110.

Things happen. What if–God forbid–you got a runnin’ mate, you become president– Alaska? Alaska. Alaska? Ala–come on, man. I don’t even know if there’s any black people in Alaska.

John, like, come on. This isn’t–Sarah Pi–?! Yo, if you really think that we gonna let you win this election with these… these like, crazy… decisions that yo’reu makin’? You’re buggin’. Okay? I’m calling all youth, all colors, all youth…voters, November 4th, we gotta protect our future because John McCain is bugging the fuck out. Okay? Like, the lady’s nice. She’s cool… [Trails off watching helicopters overhead]

She’s a heartbeat away. Just li–uh-eh, si–oh, shi– And then she–the president! She gonna be on the phone, oh man, for South Korea, or like–what’s she– I mean– What in the hell? Alaska?

You shoulda got Michelle Obama to be your runnin’ mate. Now that would’ve been something strategic and fly. This one right here? Is not respectful to our lives, diverse lives… Anybo– Yo… You would let her keep your kids? You would let her keep your kids, raise your– You feel like… For real? Nah. You’re bugging the fuck out. You my man. God bless you, you’re a great war hero, but you are bugging the fuck out. Sarah Palin, that is completely irresponsible.


It loses a lot in the transcription. Go watch it. Then check out Diddy Blog #12,” where he opines on gas prices and says (in the info section), “Attention all media and hate bloggers. This blog is just me making a joke about gas prices. Loosen up.”


Well, stop giving us so much to work with, halfwit.


(Thanks to Jamie Gadette for the tip.)







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