Diddy: Fair and Imbalanced




Diddy revises “Diddy
Blog #16,” cuts Palin some slack and asks for some of the same.

By Randy Harward



Raving lunatic and general dumbass Diddy keeps digging
himself a deeper hole. Hopefully he’ll disappear down it one day and nobody
will have to listen to his terrible music or mush-mouffed video blogs.


Surely you recall his incredibly stupid “Diddy Obama Blog
” from last week? At the time BLURT reported on it, the clip was already
removed from YouTube. Since then, all mention of the video has been deleted
from Diddy’s Wikipedia entry. And get this: Diddy has posted a replacement #16
as well as a follow-up. {Note: All three videos appear in order after this post.] Clearly there has been some backlash, and it’s damage
control time.


In the new #16, Diddy plays the old #16 off as comedy and
sings, “I’m sorry… so sorry…” to anyone offended by his racist, sexist,
stupid post. “I was not 100% serious on that blog. I do know that there are
black people [laughs] and crackheads in Alaska…” He goes on to say that the
bottom line is he doesn’t think Sarah Palin is ready to be vice president and McCain
“didn’t thoroughly vet her out.” And he reiterates—repeatedly—that he’s just
havin’ a laugh.


“Now some of you guys would like me to articulate myself in
a very direct, serious manner like this—but I choose to have fun on my blogs. I
choose to make fun of myself, I choose to just make you laugh a little bit, and
have you wonder am I crazy, am I serious.”


He states he’s not a Democrat, he’s an Independent, and
pleads for us to leave him alone. “I’m just gonna be involved in this election
in my way, through my blogs. And, um, don’t critique them, media, or bloggers
in the blogosphere, like they’re 100% serious. Watch the blogs to laugh and
give an opinion.”


Then he restates his qualms about Palin’s competence: “I
wanna know who she is… I’m on this
one.” And once more, to the haters: “Stop takin’ everything so serious! Motherfuckers! See, I can curse
on my blog.” And now is the time on Sprockets when we dance: Diddy bops in his chair while saying, “I’m not a politician. I’m
a citizen. Havin’ fun. On the Internet. Woo-oooo! Peace.”


In “Diddy Blog #17” he continues to try to save face by
applauding Palin’s GOP convention speech and acting like she’s presented us
with some serious shit to consider. “On Wednesday night, 34 million people who
doubted you, who didn’t know you—I didn’t know you, I doubted you—um, we didn’t
know who you were, what you stood for. Honestly, we still don’t exactly know
[laughs] but you had the pressure of the world upon you… You stepped up to the
mic, you looked us in our eyes and you did your thing. You know? You gave a
pretty good speech.


“Not overly thinking, or not overly critiquing the factual
information of the speech or even if the speech really spoke to issues. More to
the fact that I didn’t give you the benefit of the doubt. Most of the people in
American didn’t give you the benefit of the doubt, and that’s a very important
lesson that I learned. I want people to always give me the benefit of the
doubt. So I should at least give you the benefit of the doubt. But I did it.
And um, you gave a speech that basically shut me the fuck up. For the whole
time that you were speakin’. Um, you came across extremely strong, extremely
charismatic, um, somebody I would
wanna play hockey with. I still don’t know if I want you to be vice president,
but you at least deserve the benefit of the doubt, see how you do in this


Finally, as punishment for his trenchant mouf, he then
grounds himself from posting video blogs until next Tuesday. That’s Diddy for
you: fair and imbalanced.














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