Danni Minogue: Not Going Gay (just naked…)


Prompts run on
vegetable oil in supermarkets across the globe…

By Fred Mills


Barely hours after pop singer Kylie Minogue shocked
journalists and sparked the imaginations of onanists worldwide with her
so-called desire to become a lesbian, Minogue’s younger sister Danni – also a
singer, also with extremely good genes, albeit not the sharpest scythe in the
Minogue family toolshed – has created a similar stir.


In an, er, naked bid to grab some of the news cycle away
from her more popular sis, Danni Minogue has announced – no, not that she would
like to “go gay” because she’s already had her own “gay moment” when she filmed
a video of “Everlasting Night” for a Gay Pride event eight years ago, leading
to rampant speculation (and YouTube infamy) that she was a lesbian – that she
would like to pose nude for Playboy.
This would, in fact, mark the second time to the Hef well for Minogue
(actually, she seems receptive to dropping trou for any trained chimp who knows
how to spread Vaseline on a lens properly, as evidenced BELOW or via a quick
Internet search); the 36-year old previously bared all 13 years ago.


Speaking to British magazine New!, the sometimes-brunette/sometimes-blonde Minogue said, “I did
Playboy when it was cool and I shocked myself and many others, but it was
liberating at the time. I would I do it again. If the money was right, then
sure. Who knows, it might happen this year, too.”


Minogue elaborated, citing her then-recent marriage breakup
with actor Julian McMahon as the catalyst. “I had just had a marriage
break-up. Most women go to the hairdressers – I did Playboy. I chose the
photographer, the location, what I did or didn’t want to wear and everything
else about the pictures. I found it a really liberating, empowering


Christ. How do folks get these kinds of quotes from
celebrities anyhow? As with the Kylie-Tallulah Bankhead-lesbian comments, was
that, like, the entirety of the interview? Does Danni have a new record coming
out or something?




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