Courtney Love Wants A Non-Freaky Maid



It’s always a good
news day when Courtney’s restless…


By Fred Mills


Courtney Love’s at it again. Anyone within 30 paces of
MySpace the other day probably felt the earth tremors as La Love posted to her
page that she is in need of a maid – specifically, a “non-thieving, non-freaky


The entire message:

“Is anyone [an] insanely clean neat-freak, near Malibu? I need a non-thieving, non-freaky
housekeeper. I know this is weird [but] the agencies suck and I’m sick of PIGS
who steal, it’s as simple as that. So fuck it, why not try MySpace. No
superfans please. And it’s very good money.”


Whoah – the rest of us will remain stuck with our thieving,
freaky housekeepers, no doubt, while the folks with the dough, like love, scoop
up all the good ‘uns.



In totally unrelated news, one of the most popular Courtney
Love news stories (from way back in 2006) currently floating around the
Internet bears the headline, “I Took LSD When I Was Four.” Apropos of nothing,
we think.



[Photo credit: Ben Phen]



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