Chip Taylor w/Politics-charged Vid Clip


Don’t worry about the
hurricanes, the Wall Street crashes, the Sarah barracudas…

By Fred Mills



We’ll keep thing simple: When the mighty Chip Taylor set out
to record the title track from his latest album New Songs of Freedom he sure hit the goddam nail on the head about
the current woeful state of the union. Among the tune’s key lines:


Don’t worry about the straddle of the right-wing radical just heed the
speed of the vulture
Don’t cross the border for political order and upset the balance of culture
Just keep your eyes on the ozone and the price of oil
Don’t worry about the stock market, let it fall
The warming of the seas, and the hybrid cars
Was there ever an ocean up there on Mars
Oh, the new song of freedom, just let it go–it’ll get there on its’ own



And if you can’t
hang with that, check out the video clip for the song, posted below. It’s one
of the most moving videos we’ve seen in a long, long time.


Then get off your
ass and go register to vote if you
haven’t already. There’s a lot at stake this year. But you knew that, right?




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