Chef Death Fries Up Some Trim


Guarantee: 100%
brainless fun or your money back.

By Fred Mills


Our friends at the esteemed MVD Entertainment Group have
their fingers in a lot of different pies (so to speak) – so many, that we
usually only plug a handful of their more notable music CDs and DVDs.
Sometimes, though, a non-music product comes down the MVD pike that just
screams “BLURT.” Or at least the cover art does….


So here ya go: Bikini
Bloodbath Carwash
, due Oct. 28 from Eclectic/MVD, billed as “100% brainless
fun.” Which, if you’ve been paying attention, is a pretty good description for
BLURT, too!


 Here’s the synopsis
of the 72-minute “film.” Seances, sorority girls, Chef Death, bikinis, blood –
what’s not to like?



Jenny (Rachael
Robbins) a freshman at Community College University
earns her tuition by working at Miss Johnson’s (Debbie Rochon) Bikini Carwash along with her seven gorgeous classmates.
After work, Jenny and friends accidentally resurrect the infamous Chef Death
during a seance. Chef Death finds the bikini clad girls at Miss Johnson’s year
end party and the blood bath begins. This campy splatterfest is 100% pure
brainless fun.



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