Buck Gets Jacked in Finland




REM. guitarist’s
beloved Rickenbacker guitar swiped after show.

By Randy Harward



The BBC reports that REM guitarist Peter Buck’s trusty
Rickenbacker—which he’s used live and in the studio since the band’s 1982 debut
EP Chronic Town—was stolen after a
show in Helsinki, Finland. And get this: it was taken from the stage.


Now we all know those Fins be thuggin’ for real—nay, for riz-eal—but come on, man. Unlike wispy
Michael Stipe, Buck is a feisty dude (‘shpeshully after fifteen refillsh of
wine—jusht ashk British Airwaysh) and you’d think REM could afford better


“Needless to say, this instrument means a great deal to Peter and to REM,”
the band said in a statement. “It is our sincere hope that whoever is
responsible for the loss, or whoever has information which can help recover the
guitar, will come forward to receive a generous reward, no questions asked.”


Hopefully it’s a better reward than what Iron Maiden offered last month when
Adrian Smith’s guitar was taken after a concert in Athens. The metal legends
offered a signed tour jacket and a letter of thanks from Smith. Where’s the
cash, guys? Or at least an opportunity to watch the show from a VIP suite in one of Eddie’s


Oh man, that’d be awesome.





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