Brian Wilson Collectible Hits the Web


Not exactly tearing up
the collectors’ sites just yet, but give it time…

By Fred Mills


Cash-strapped journalists chagrined at having to contend
with the steady rise of all-digital promotional
servicing – for the layman, that translates as: you won’t be seeing all those
cool/cheap copies of recently-released CDs in your local used record store much
longer – raised a collective cheer earlier this month when EMI sent out copies
of a promo-only Brian Wilson 45.


The single for “Midnight’s Another Day” b/w “That Lucky Old
Sun” and “Morning Beat” is part of the label’s marketing campaign for Wilson’s That Lucky
Old Sun
. Pressed on transparent gold/orange vinyl and housed in a picture
sleeve bearing unique art, it’s the latest in a long line of Wilson collectibles over the years.


Per label dictates, the sleeve bears the legend “you may not
transfer this disc without consent of record company and must return it on
demand… use or retention of the disc signifies acceptance of the license,”
although at this point in time everyone pretty much knows that it’s a legally
meaningless (e.g., non-binding) statement and that YOU CAN DO WHATEVER THE HELL
YOU WANT TO WITH IT once the mailman drops it through your slot. (For the record:
BLURT’s copy is proudly displayed on our wall next to our autographed copy of Smile.)


Ergo, collectors sites have recently been flooded with the
damn thing, effectively undercutting its value! Currently there are several
copies on eBay going for $4.99 or less (and hardly any bids), for example, a
trend that seems to hold true across other outlets (GEMM, etc.).


Yet people will pay MORE than $4.99 to get 3 or 4 songs as a
friggin’ DIGITAL EP. Does that seem like misplace priorities to you?



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