Breeders & National Ba-Rock for Obama


‘tis the (campaign)
season for cheesy headlines

By Brian Creech


Remembering the woes that their home state Ohio helped bring
to America on election night, 2004, Ohio natives  the Breeders and the National have teamed up
to present “Vote Early, Rock Late,” a pre-election, pro-Obama really to
encourage Buckeye state voters to well, vote early.   The free, late rocking is set to commence
October 16th at Cincinnatti’s Fountain Square.  Buses will transport registered voters from
the concert to Hamilton
County’s election
headquarters, where they can cast an early ballot. 


Political-junkies will note that Hamilton
County is the home to Cincinnatti, and
was one of the most  hotly contested
counties in 2004 that pushed Ohio
over the edge and into the Bush column in 2004. 
Indie-rock minded political junkies will note that during primary
season, the Arcade Fire and Superchunk teamed up to pull a similar trick in
getting North Carolina to swing for Obama. 
And it worked.   In fact, indi-
rockers like Barack Obama so much that he’s caught flack for being so popular among those with hip music taste. 


Either way, the stakes are pretty high for this concert, so
high in fact, that this is the only show that the Breeders have lined up for
this year so far. 


The National will be Ba-Rocking a bit more often, with dates
listed below. 


Oh, and remember this swell t-shirt?


National Dates:


10-10 New York, NY – Hammerstein Ballroom *
10-16 Cincinnati, OH – Fountain Square (“Vote Early Rock Late”) ^
10-24 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil – Marina da Gloria (TIM Festival)
10-25 São Paolo, Brazil
– Ibirapurea Park
(TIM Festival)
10-27 Vitória, Brazil
– UFES Theatre
11-08 Austin, TX – Fun Fun Fun Fest




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