BlurtTube Flashback 4: Dream Syndicate


“Days of Wine and
Roses” + “I Have Faith” revisited…

By Fred Mills


For our latest installment in the BlurtTube Flashback series
(translation: we were nosing around on YouTube and found some cool music video
clips and we don’t have anything better to do at the moment) we bring you a
pair of vids from the late great Dream Syndicate.


First up is the early lineup’s signature tune “Days of Wine
and Roses” (a smokin’ live version no less) followed by the latterday
incarnation (circa 1988’s Ghost Stories)
with their stylized “I Have Faith” – raise your hand if you were one of the few
but faithful who saw it on MTV’s “120 Minutes” back in the day.


All props to erstwhile D.S. frontman Steve Wynn: his new
solo album Crossing Dragon Bridge was
officially released in the U.S.
this week. You can read our Wynn interview from last month HERE and you can
visit Mr. W at his official website as well. He’s got tons of video and audio
material at the site and plenty more of Wynn-related content for your perusal.




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