Antiseen Celebrates 25th Anniversary


Blowfly’s fave band
(and touring mates) are at it again. Watch out for the blood.

By Fred Mills


That pounding in your head? It’s the sound of 25 years worth
of destructo rock catching up with you. Or, more accurately, the sound of
Antiseen, the Tarheel terrorists who’ve been taking names and kicking asses
since first slithering out of the Charlotte
punk scene in 1983. (I should know; I was there.)


Don’t know Antiseen? Shame, bubba: go to the band’s official
website and get a quick education. Suffice to say that the group’s been extant
longer than pretty much any band from the Carolinas,
and it remains as uncompromising – and by some measures, controversial (not
that the boys care) – as ever. They make 99% of the punk bands in YOUR town
look like pussies. So there.




If you’ve glommed the poster above, you’re no doubt thinking
about hopping in the car and heading down to the show. Be very, very afraid.
It’s called and ANTI-versary


The gig takes place this Saturday night, Sept. 20,  at Charlotte’s Tremont Music Hall (plenty of
info provided at the band site), with opening acts Polecat Boogie Revival and
Joe Buck Yourself.



Meanwhile, there’s gonna be a pre-party the night before, Sept.
19, also at Tremont with entertainment provided by the Flat Tires, Before I
Hang, Biggie Stardust, The Not Likelys and Tom O’Keefe & the Shit Birds.
Sweet! (Tom used to be in Antiseen all those years ago. Tom, if you’re reading
this, BLURT loves ya!)


‘Nuf said.



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