Anti-Flag’s Justin Sane On 2008 Election

“Get a grip on
reality!” says the rocker, on how high the stakes are this year.

By Fred Mills


For nearly 2000 words, Anti-Flag frontman Justin Sane –
having appeared just yesterday at the Ripple Effect protest concert in St. Paul
– weighs in on his latest BLURT blog about the 2008 election. “I’m voting
against Godzilla-sized evil,” announces Sane, going to outline in lucid detail
both his reservations with and decision to vote for Obama, what a disaster the
2000 and 2004 elections turned out to be (he notes that he was “totally wrong”
about presuming that Gore and Bush were essentially the same candidates and
that he now regrets voting for Nader), the imminent threat that McCain (aka
“McSame”) poses to our country should he win the Presidency, and a laundry list
of exactly what’s at stake this year.


“Don’t fuck up!” he concludes, urging everyone reading his
blog to put some serious thought and research into the election and to get out
and vote.


You can read Justin Sane’s “Their System Doesn’t Work For
You” blog HERE. Feel free to leave your comments, too – it’s a pretty lively
interaction he has going with his readers.


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