Al Jourgensen Scores Horror Flick (Trailer here!)


Sexploitation horror flick
features blood, boobs, and a killer cover of “Bang a Gong”


By Blurt Staff



AL Jourhgensen just can’t take a break.  Now that Ministry has wrapped up its farewell
“C U La TouR,” Jourgensen will concentrating on the release of the
Wicked Lake” soundtrack,
set to arrive in stores on November 24, 2008 in conjunction with the film’s
October 7 DVD release.



For those who are wondering, “Wicked Lake
is a new horror film directed by Zach Passero and written by Adam Rockoff.  The film follows four seductive women as they
coyly tease the locals and are eventually held hostage and terrorized in their
cabin by several of the sex-crazed and sadistic locals they toyed with before.




See below for the awesome trailer! Lotsa nudity, blood, etc.




While “Wicked Lake is Jourgensen’s debut scoring for
a feature film, it’s not his first foray into soundtracks.  He wrote and performed tracks for Steven
Spielberg’s “Artificial
Intelligence: AI
” (2001), Paul Verhoeven’s “RoboCop” (1987)
and “The Matrix” (1999).



The soundtrack offers 15 tracks, mostly from artists on
Jourgensen’s 13th Planet’s label.  The
song list includes Ministry, Revolting Cocks, Prong, Ascension of The Watchers,
and False Icons. One gem is a previously unreleased Ministry track, “Cuz U
R Next,” one of the last songs written by the late Paul Raven with
Jourgensen.  Also on the soundtrack is a
brand new Revolting Cocks track called “Hookerbot3000.”



Jourgensen and the cast of “Wicked Lake
will be making an in-store appearance at Hollywood’s
Virgin Megastore on September 25 to publicize the film.




The complete track list:




Ascension of The Watchers



“Residual Presence”

Ascension of the Watchers



“Experiment in Terror”

Laika & the Cosmonauts



“10 Million
Ways to Die”

Revolting Cocks




Revolting Cocks



“Bang A Gong”

Ministry & Co-Conspirators



“Radar Love”

Ministry & Co-Conspirators




False Icons



“Cuz U R Next”




“Can’t Stop the Bleeding”




“No Justice”








“As I Destruct”

Threat Signal



“Nobody Knows What Killer Looks Like”




“Khyber Pass [Wicked





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