¡Viva Banda de Caballos! (Band of Horses)


Band of Horses head
south of the border.

By Andy Tennille


After a successful late-summer tour of Australia, New
Zealand and Japan – where they saw some wildlife, taught
bartenders how to make martinis,
made some friends and knocked out their Asian
with some new killer jammers – Band of Horses has announced they’re
headed south of the border for two shows in Mexico in November.


The band will headline the Viva Cuervo Salon in Mexico City on November 6th before heading up
to Monterrey to
perform at the Zero Festival on November 8th. More information on
the Zero Festival can be found here.


Tickets for the Zero Festival go on sale today, while
ticketing for the Viva Cuervo Salon won’t begin until Thursday, September 18th . Check Ticketmaster’s Mexican site, Boletos Jefe, for more information.



 (All video and photos provided by Christopher Wilson. Check out his blog from Band of Horses tour at http://bandofhorsestour.blogspot.com/.)


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