“Red Rocker” Hagar: Not So Red?




Sammy Hagar calls for
change in new song/video.

By Randy Harward


Sammy Hagar’s donations to George W. Bush and California
Rep. Dana Rohrabacher (R) evidently—and insistence that he doesn’t mind that
McCain used his Van Halen song “Right Now” at the RNC—don’t indicate he’s a
true redhead. The title track to his new album Cosmic Universal Fashion (Roadrunner/Loud & Proud) was an
online collaboration between Hagar and an Iraqi musician name Steven Lost. The video calls for ideologues from all sides to remove heads from heinie-holes and enact real change.


The clip picks up where VH’s “Right Now” video left off—in
fact, it’s the same concept, and they admit as much at the beginning. “In 1992,
4 minutes and 18 seconds caught the world’s attention in a universal fashion,”
flashes onscreen before a patchwork of images and “right now” statements lament
the state of the world. The war and the current administration are ostensibly
taken to task over the faltering economy, exorbitant fuel prices, health care,
global warming, world hunger, American gluttony, rockstar politicians/political
rockstars, fear-mongering and godlessness (although he appears to be
non-denominational, showing pictures of Ganesha, Buddha and Christ). True to
his partyin’ motherfuckerness, Hagar also bemoans spammers and the fact that
strippers can’t retire on tips. (Oh, and he covers the Beastie Boys’ “Fight For
Your Right To Party” on the album.)


Really, though, Hagar calls for everybody to pull their
heads out and get serious about the country’s direction instead of continuing
the red-blue slap fight. “We are light years ahead of where we thought we’d be
in 1992, yet there will always be issues that continue to need our attention,”
Hagar says in a press release. “With the upcoming election, global and national
issues are at the forefront of everyone’s minds. “Cosmic Universal Fashion” is
not about supporting left or right, blue or red, but rather an attempt to
appeal to people on a personal level to get involved.”


This notwithstanding, it’s interesting to note that Dubya
gets spanked twice, perhaps thrice, in the clip. When the song complains about
presidential scandals, Bill Clinton is shown, then we see Bush shaking hands
with Tony Blair. In another spot, a picture of the lame duck, lame-ass
president is accompanied by a statement says he’s more an entertainer than
politician. And Hagar and ex-VH bass player Michael Anthony stand arms folded
to these words: “Right now it’s time to finish what you started.” We assume
these pertain to the Iraq War as well as Hagar’s “do something” theme.


And mind you, the Red Rocker has never claimed to be overly
Republican, citing a brand-conscious desire to be outwardly non-partisan. As he
told USA Today last month, “I can’t
take the stage and preach to people, because unfortunately there will always be
folks out there who’ll say, ‘Oh, he thinks that, then I’ll never go to his club
again.’ So I just do what I do, and hope I don’t insult anyone.

            “We’re at a
crossroads, for sure. If we don’t make the right changes, right now, we’ll have
an even bigger depression and more wars. The best thing we can all do is not
wait until the government does things, but instead just get involved in our own
communities to help those around us.”



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