Yoko Ono + Bullet = P.R. News Gaffe


No comment from the
Mark David Chapman camp yet…

By Fred Mills


As one BLURT staffer groaned when the press release came in
Oh, no (pardon the pun). Tell me they
did not just use the phrase “#1 with a bullet” in a press release
about a John Lennon composition.



Well, er… yes, yes they did…



BLURT gets press releases all day long. Hundreds. Most we
delete. Some we print out and use as t.p. And still others we hang on to,
savor, and find a way to utilize the information contained therein to benefit
both you, dear readers, and the artists themselves.



And then sometimes others arrive that leave us staring,
gape-jawed, at our computer screens.



Yoko Ono has released some remix collections via Astralwerks
and they’ve garnered critical acclaim and noteworthy club play (not to mention
doing pretty well commercially). This week her “Give Peace A Chance (The
Remixes)” reached number one on Billboard’s
Hot Dance Club Play Chart.



The press release that was sent out to hail this
accomplishment bore the following bold-faced header:



“GIVE PEACE A CHANCE” (THE REMIXES) Hits #1 With A Bullet On Billboard’s Hot
Dance Club Play Chart This Week!!



Yup. With a bullet.



(Aside from the
Lennon stuff, does anyone really use the chart-topping phrase “with a bullet”
anymore? We thought that went out with the Mothers
At Fillmore East

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