Wayne Kramer On Tent State Fest @DNC




Kick out the jams,

By Fred Mills


Yesterday we brought you word about the Tent State Festival that will be rocking Denver
while the Democratic National Convention is in session. Among the performers:
Rage Against the Machine, Flobots, the Coup, Jello Biafra and the MC5’s Wayne


Kramer, in fact, is no stranger to either protest or the
DNC: he and the 5 were the only band to perform at 1968’s Democratic National
Convention and its now historic riot in Chicago’s
Lincoln Park.
Today Kramer offered a statement, saying, “I was part of a movement to
stop a war then, and I’m part of a movement to stop a war now. In that very
special case, it was our youthful defiance that ruled the day.”
Of the call to activism in 2008, Wayne
adds succinctly, “Democracy requires participation. For rebellion to mean
anything, it must be useful, so join us in the spirit of justice and peace.”


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