The Return of The Jealous Sound


Quasi-cryptic MySpace posts and emails speak of imminent new album.

By Randy Harward


Publicity stunts are publicity stunts, but some are just welcome enough, like the email that hit Blurt’s inbox a few minutes ago from one of the few truly great emo bands: The Jealous Sound. It says, “Got Friends coming soon, as in REAL soon. Stay tuned.”


The same is posted on the band’s MySpace page, and that of their label, The Militia Group. Both are accompanied the ostensible album cover. The album title may allude to the band finally getting their standard MySpace page converted to a music page–on June 1, 2006.


That was the last time an update came from the band about its status. The last news item on was posted on November 28, 2005, and rumors abounded that the band broke up. Welcome back, guys. Lookin’ forward to the new songs.


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