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Performing in Denver with RATM on

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Wednesday, August 27, Rage Against the Machine, with special guests Flobots,
will be playing the Concert to End Iraq War at the Denver Coliseum while the
DNC takes place. Today Flobots issued a statement, reprinted below. Right on.




“During the last week of this month, Denver
will host the Democratic National Convention.  Given the many individuals,
organizations, and entities who will be in our hometown that week with various
agendas, the band wanted to make clear our goals for the week.
Our goals during the DNC are:
To celebrate the fact that a progressive African-American candidate running a
grassroots campaign on an antiwar platform has secured the nomination of a
major political party.
To claim this nomination as a victory for the antiwar movement.
To reaffirm our moral obligation to end the occupation of Iraq, support the reconstruction of Iraq, and fully
fund veterans’ benefits.
To call attention to ongoing efforts to address other forms of violence and
neglect in US foreign and domestic policy.
To commit ourselves to transforming this country into a resource for
peacemaking and sustainability.
To meet these goals, we will participate in a variety of events and activities
and engage in dialogue with those around us. Whatever your role in the
convention, we invite you to get involved in the following ways:
* Do all within your power to ensure the safety of all people you encounter,
regardless of ideology or role.
* Help educate yourself and others by participating in workshops and events
scheduled for the week.
* Join us on Wednesday, August 27th at the Denver Coliseum unite with Rage
Against The Machine, The Coup, State Radio, Wayne Kramer, and 10,000 to call
for an end to the occupation of Iraq.
With the eyes of the world on Denver, we have an
opportunity to begin embodying the America we would like to become. As
Langston Hughes said, “America
never was America to me, and
yet I swear this oath – America
will be!”




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