Special Moby KCRW Show!


“Bodyrock,” “Run,” Joy
Division, Scientology and lots more…

By Fred Mills


Whoops, you missed it, ha-ha! Moby did a special
performance/interview show at an intimate setting in Malibu the other night as part of the KCRW-FM
Sessions series. Too bad you weren’t
there. Never fear though — BLURT was, and we have an exclusive look, along with
photos, at the goings-on. Our man on the ground in L.A., Jose Martinez, was embedded in the
audience and he caught Moby doing a pair of sets, one dance and one with his
full band, plus a sit-down conversation with KCRW’s Nic Harcourt.
You can check it out HERE.


[Photo Credit: Jessica Holmes Photography]

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