Ryan Adams Rips Courtney A New One… Sorta


Personal Statement Of
Clarity For Anyone In Doubt (and the rest of us…)

By Fred Mills


On his official website, Ryan Adams sometimes makes really
interesting blog-like postings — which, due to the really weird navigation and archive functions of his site, are
sometimes impossible to find! For example, as of this writing, the only one
immediately visible is accessible via the “Impersonal Swordfish” button on the
upper right side of his homepage, and that’s a posting about heavy metal and
the first two Vinnie Vincent Invasion albums being reissued on CD. Not that
there’s anything wrong with Vinnie Vincent…



As a public service, then, we would like to reproduce,
below, a fascinating Adams post bearing the
curious title “Personal Statement Of Clarity For Anyone In Doubt.” It
addresses, generally, the notion of celebrity and rumor (which clearly bothers
him — recall the big Ryan-Mandy Moore paparazzi dance that was going on earlier
this year. But it also takes a swipe, though veiled, at Courtney Love and her
recent accusations leveled against Adams of
theft. (You can read her entire rant at BLURT’s previous news item titled
“Courtney Love Rips Ryan Adams A New Asshole” HERE.) About time someone called the erstwhile Hole singer on the carpet…



Meanwhile, check out the July-August digital issue of BLURT
— we’ve got a super-secret sneak peek at leaked prose from his forthcoming
book, due sometime next year…





From Ryan Adams:


to whom it may concern,


these days i find myself working harder than ever at being at my best,
overcoming my fears and pushing myself creatively in my every endeavor. my only
wish after the work is completed is that it may prove further evidence that no
matter how isolated we all may all feel at times, as sad or misrepresented, we
are not alone. there’s hope for and within each of us.


I’ve been dealing with the truth that i have at times been a bad example
and/or glorified self destructive behavior. this was never intentional, but
rather a consequence of leading a public life in plain sight and never
expecting any sort of preferential treatment, isolation or protection.


Regardless of varied judgments as to my cultural relevance, i am thankfully
alive and exercising my joy in creating. i only hope anyone who hears, reads or
sees any of my contributions will permit the work to speak where i cannot.


i’ve realized and accepted that if people decide to dislike me, they’re
going to find reasons to justify disliking me. there’s nothing i can do about
that. that said, it still does pain me to be accused of fictional crimes
against innocents or to be implicated in romantic gossip involving the possibly
reality-challenged–however unreliable the source or outlandish the
accusations. in the end, however, i know that i have never done or even meant
anyone any harm.


anyway, the lives of public figures are so much more boring than anyone can
imagine. honestly.


and also i like metal. A LOT. (even more
than last time).



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