Ryan Adams On Book + BLURT Excerpt


The dream is always
coming true the same.. true?

By Fred Mills



Wow, talk about timing. The very same day we publish our
super-exclusive, super-duper-sneak-peek look at what may or may not appear in that
book of prose Ryan Adams is doing for Akashic next year, he makes a post to his
band The Cardinal’s blog/website outlining some of his plans for the project. Infinity Blues is the working title
(working image of the cover below, but expect that to change).


What’s fascinating is the symmetry of comments. Adams writes, “I guess this dream is coming true,” while
BLURT writes, “The dream is always the same.” Scary!


Take it away Ryan….





here’s something – it’s selfish, but
inter-cardinal related so……

i woke up today to a great email from
my bosses at AKASHIC BOOKS……

INFINITY BLUES- (“domestic-release”
working cover)….wow….i guess this dream is coming true…..my grandparents, who
taught me to write, and type and dream, i am so proud of all your hard work
today, even if this is a long long sad bookbut some funny too, just like those
black and white movies in the heat of the eastern seaboard- rolling through the
windows of our home…..i am so humbled and so PROUD to be an  AKASHIC BOOKS

man, this is just crazy, like when i
saw the first test pressing of the first 7inch record i was on…..

i feel like i will be able to say i
left a little of my heart here, for when i am gone, maybe there will be comfort
or safety in there, for people i will never know, for our generations never

i have to maybe go take a nap now.
bye. xx


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