Return To The Valley of Tori Amos


DVD and CD sets capture the goddess’ early splash.

By Fred Mills


 In 1991,
Tori Amos was just about to go massive with the release of her second album Little Earthquakes, which ignited the
imaginations and passions of hairy-palmed fanboys and sticky-fingered fangirls
across the globe. The frank-speaking, ivories-pounding Amos’s career trajectory
since then has become the stuff of legend, but now, thanks to a new DVD, you
can return to the scene of the crime and see what all the early fuss was about.

A pair of
riveting concerts, one from 1991 (only months before Little Earthquakes catapulted her into an instant icon) and one from ’92 performed literally in
the wake of the flood, comprise the 90 minute DVD Live At Montreaux 1991/1992. Included are key tracks from that
album of course, but also spotlighted are tracks from her indie EPs and some
intriguing covers (Led Zeppelin’s “Whole Lotta Love” and “Thank You” as well as
Nirvana’s “Smells Like Teen Spirit”).


The19-song  DVD, along with a separate 16-song CD, arrive
Sept. 30 via Eagle Eye Media.



1991 DVD


1) Silent All
These Years

2) Precious

3) China

4) Crucify

5) Leather

6) Song For Eric

7) Upside Down

8) Happy Phantom

9) Winter

10) Thank You


1992 DVD


11) Little

12) Crucify

13) Silent All
These Years

14) Precious

15) Happy Phantom

16) Whole Lotta
Love/Thank You

17) Me And A Gun

18) Winter

19) Smells Like
Teen Spirit



1991 show:

1)     Silent All These Years

2)   Precious

3)   China

4)   Crucify

5)    Leather

6)   Song
For Eric

7)    Upside Down

8)   Happy

9)   Winter

10)  Thank You


1992 show:


11)  Little

12)  Precious Things

13)  Whole Lotta Love/Thank You

14)  Me And A Gun

15)  Winter

16)  Smells Like Teen Spirit



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