Rage, Flobots, Coup, Kramer To Jam at DNC


With the Iraq Veterans Against the War and Tent State University, musicians hold the “Tent State
Music Festival To End The War”.

By Fred Mills


To “celebrate” the Democratic National Convention being held
in Denver, Colorado, Aug. 25-28, Rage Against the
Machine has joined forces with the Iraq Veterans Against the War and Tent
State University to perform as part of the “Tent State Music Festival to
End the War” on Wednesday, August 27 at the Denver Coliseum. They will
join the Flobots, The Coup, State Radio, and Wayne Kramer. Doors open at 9:30
AM, show begins at 11:00 AM. 

Tickets are free and available by lottery.  Sign up for the lottery, with
a valid photo ID (person must be present) at Tent State University at
Cuernavaca Park between 11AM and 6:30 PM (look for the Tent State Music
Festival booth near the IVAW Tower) Sunday, August 24 through Tuesday, August
26 during the D.N.C. Winners will be notified by email Tuesday evening, August



Go to www.tentstate.org  for more info, or to www.madisonhousepublicity.com.



Ticket Pickup Information and Policies:


-Each lottery winner will get two tickets for the Festival.

-WINNERS can claim their tickets at
the Denver Coliseum beginning 9:30 AM on Wednesday, August 27. ONLY the WINNER
can claim the tickets on show day.  Photo ID required.  NO name
changes will be accepted under any circumstance.

-Guest MUST be present when WINNER
claims the tickets. After claiming the tickets, WINNER and their guest must
immediately enter the coliseum.

WILL BE RELEASED on a first come first serve basis. There will be a secured
area set up for people to line up for any tickets not picked up.



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