Rademacher Returns w/4th EP



Still rockin’ the

By Fred Mills

Back when we were just little BLURT-lings going by the name
of Harp magazine we profiled
delightful Fresno
band Rademache
r.  “Clever narratives and
jittery, pulsing songs,” we claimed (and not without reason) the band wielded
with aplomb. Now comes word that our Harp heroes have a new EP they’re about to serve up, their fourth. Titled the ERA EP, it’s due digitally from Jaxart
Records via all the usual suspects starting Sept. 30 and was recorded by Matt
Orme at Gardenside Studios in Fresno.


Some background and obligatory label hype:




Due to their
geographic location and their seeming nonchalance, these kids have garnered
many comparisons to Pavement.  And there is something to that.  They
write good songs.  They are a bit discordant.  But the important
thing to know about Rademacher is this : they work really hard.  They tour
constantly, produce recordings at a breakneck pace (4 eps and 1 full length in
3 years) , and take their music (if not themselves) very seriously.

Consisting of frontman Malcolm Sosa, bassist Greer McGettrick, and a rotating
cast of musicians, they have recorded three EPs with their off-and-on -again
drummer/utility infielder, Matt Orme. In 2007, Aaron Espinoza of Earlimart
decided to lend his nimble fingers to engineer
Stunts, resulting in a more epic and commercially viable sound for the group.

“I would like to be one of the best songwriters ever,” says Malcolm Sosa. “Not
just good.  Not just good ‘for Fresno’,
but kick-ass in your face, blood coming out of the stereo speakers and refrains
running through your veins sort of good.  Is that too much?”





According to the band this EP will mark “a bit of a return,
as well as a folksy revamp” of their early lo-fi, slow-core sound. Works for
us! Full track listing below. Meanwhile, Rademacher will have a free residency
at Los Angeles’
The Echo club each Monday night of October.




1. If U Know
2. Believer
3. Need Nobody


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