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CHANNEL GUIDE: Wednesday Music


Compiled by Blurt Staff


206 digital, satellite and hi-def channels and nothin’ on?
Not likely. Here are BLURT’s top music television picks of the day. The time is
followed by the network/cable/satellite channel, then the name of the program
and/or featured artist(s). All times are EST. For a comprehensive hour-by-hour
listing, go to the VH1 Rock On TV site.
Note that for certain channels, shows frequently repeat during the day on or
subsequent days.





9:00 AM Syndicated: The Ellen DeGeneres Show: Usher


11:00 AM BET Jazz: 
Manu Dibango: King Makossa


12:00 PM VH1C: Elton John: Me, Myself and I


2:00 PM MOJO: London
Live!: Scouting For Girls , Orson , Roisin Murphy , The Go! Team , Calv

Calvin Harris , Manic Street Preachers


4:00 PM RAVE HD: Later With Jools Holland: Patti Smith , The
Cribs , Kate Nash , Joe Cocker , Simply Red , Jools Holland


7:00 PM RAVE HD: Soundstage: John Hiatt with Dar Williams


7:35 PM Starz Cinema: Dancer in the Dark (2000) w/Björk


8:00 PM VH1C: Metal: A Headbanger’s Journey w/Alice Cooper ,
Bruce Dickinson , Dee Snider , Rob Zombie , Ronnie James Dio , Tony Iommi


11:00 PM CMT: 2008 CMT Music Awards


11:35 PM CBS: The Late Show With David Letterman: Nas


11:35 PM NBC: The Tonight Show with Jay Leno: Low vs Diamond


12:05 AM ABC: Jimmy Kimmel Live: Lady Antebellum


12:37 AM CBS: The Late Late Show With Craig Ferguson: The
Boxmasters , Billy Bob Thornton


1:35 AM NBC: Last Call with Carson Daly: Sheryl Crow


Return To The Valley of Tori Amos


DVD and CD sets capture the goddess’ early splash.

By Fred Mills


 In 1991,
Tori Amos was just about to go massive with the release of her second album Little Earthquakes, which ignited the
imaginations and passions of hairy-palmed fanboys and sticky-fingered fangirls
across the globe. The frank-speaking, ivories-pounding Amos’s career trajectory
since then has become the stuff of legend, but now, thanks to a new DVD, you
can return to the scene of the crime and see what all the early fuss was about.

A pair of
riveting concerts, one from 1991 (only months before Little Earthquakes catapulted her into an instant icon) and one from ’92 performed literally in
the wake of the flood, comprise the 90 minute DVD Live At Montreaux 1991/1992. Included are key tracks from that
album of course, but also spotlighted are tracks from her indie EPs and some
intriguing covers (Led Zeppelin’s “Whole Lotta Love” and “Thank You” as well as
Nirvana’s “Smells Like Teen Spirit”).


The19-song  DVD, along with a separate 16-song CD, arrive
Sept. 30 via Eagle Eye Media.



1991 DVD


1) Silent All
These Years

2) Precious

3) China

4) Crucify

5) Leather

6) Song For Eric

7) Upside Down

8) Happy Phantom

9) Winter

10) Thank You


1992 DVD


11) Little

12) Crucify

13) Silent All
These Years

14) Precious

15) Happy Phantom

16) Whole Lotta
Love/Thank You

17) Me And A Gun

18) Winter

19) Smells Like
Teen Spirit



1991 show:

1)     Silent All These Years

2)   Precious

3)   China

4)   Crucify

5)    Leather

6)   Song
For Eric

7)    Upside Down

8)   Happy

9)   Winter

10)  Thank You


1992 show:


11)  Little

12)  Precious Things

13)  Whole Lotta Love/Thank You

14)  Me And A Gun

15)  Winter

16)  Smells Like Teen Spirit



Gutter Twins w/iTunes (mostly-)Covers EP



How about a CD of it
too, guys, hmmmm? Not all of us are on iTunes…

By Fred Mills


The Gutter Twins – that’s Dulli and Lanegan to you, punk –
had a bunch of material left over from their Saturnalia sessions, so you know that means: EP time! That’s right:
Adorata is en route exclusively via
iTunes next week, Sept. 2, and it will include a slew of covers along with two
originals. See track list below.


A portion of of the proceeds from the EP will go to the Natasha
Shneider Memorial Fund (
Shneider, a long-time friend of the band, was the lead singer for Eleven and a
member of Queens of the Stone Age.


The band’s currently in the middle of an extensive European
tour but will be back to the U.S.
in a couple of weeks. Then on Oct. 24 they’ll play the Voodoo Music Festival in
New Orleans.



Adorata Track Listing:



Belles (Vetiver)

Down The Line (Jose Gonzales)

Deep Hit Of Morning Sun (Primal Scream)

Flow Like A River (Eleven)

St. James Infirmary (Traditional)

Duchess (Scott Walker)

Spanish Doors

We Have Met Before


Antony On New EP, Jan. Full-Length


October five-song EP
leads up to release of full-length next year.

By Blurt Staff


and the Johnsons will release the “Another
” EP October 7th on Secretly Canadian – their first release since
2005’s Mercury Prize winning album “I am
a Bird Now
“. The EP precedes their forthcoming album,” The Crying Light,” to be released in January.



What’s interesting is that the full-length had originally
been slated for a Spring 2008 release. In late 2007, Antony Hegarty spoke with
BLURT predecessor Harp magazine about
the work in progress, observing, “I have a feeling that it might just be me
singing on this album,” he says, on the phone from his New York home. “There
was a really community oriented aspect about it [I Am A Bird Now], and
this one’s a little more internal in a way. It’s a little further out in space.
A lot of the songs are just piano songs [and] some of it is a little more
experimental structurally. But some of [the songs] are really normal… I’m
hoping to weave things together so it will be a little more of a collage of



Elaborating on the album’s themes, Hegarty added, “It’s
about landscape and the future. I guess I’m thinking about those things a
lot-about the natural landscape of the world and the landscape inside each
person… On my last record, everything was sort of sad and redemptive. And this
one, it’s more extreme in both directions. Some of the songs are much more
joyful and some of the songs are much less redemptive. And then some of the
songs are more thoughtful-more philosophical. I think this record is just about
sitting with things.”



Back to the EP, according to the label, “The environmentally
conscious title track, ‘Another World,’ describes a place that is dissapearing.
inimitable voice, mesmerizing piano and intimate arrangements punctuate the
ideas on the EP. ‘Shake that Devil’ showcases his bluesy wail and its drone is
soon replaced with a driving vintage R&B beat that illustrates the lyrics’



The EP’s cover is a portrait of butoh co-founder and
Japanese dance legend Kazuo Ohno taken by Pierre-Olivier Deschamps in 1984 at
Paris Theatre du Chatelet. Ohno is known for his playful and grotesque imagery
and butoh’s white body makeup.



Another World Tracklist

1. Another World
2. Crackagen
3. Shake That Devil
4. Sing For Me
5. Hope Mountain



Antony and the Johnsons Tour Dates:

Schnitzer Concert Hall
                       Portland, OR
10/14            Walt
Disney Concert Hall
                       Los Angeles, CA
10/16            Apollo Theatre
                                               New York, NY
10/30   The Barbican
                                               London, ENG
10/31   The Barbican
                                               London, ENG







Even I’m over it.
Not the novelty of Guitar Hero (God willing, that’ll never wear off)…. Rain
forests, black rhinos, the ozone layer; now that shit needs saving. But the
music industry? Puh-leeze []


A Triple-A radio programming
veteran, Kate has served as Music Director of the Loft at XM, Midday Host at
WYEP, Evening Host at both WNCS and WUIN, as well as Content Supervisor for Pump
Audio. Currently, she’s the CEO of Outlandos Music, a new-music discovery
service for grown-ups. Kate has been nationally recognized for her ardent
presentati on of music and her ability to champion talented, compelling


Spectrum/Sonic Boom For U.S. Tour


New album being
prepped for 2009 as well.

By Fred Mills


Sharp-eyed BLURT readers already glommed our recent interview with Pete “Sonic Boom” Kember in which the erstwhile Spacemen 3 guitarist held
forth on everything from his collaboration with Jim Dickinson to his current
activities with his band Spectrum to being on hand (and onstage) for the recent
My Bloody Valentine reunion. Now comes word of a “full” Spectrum ensemble
that’s returning to live performing after an eight year hiatus.



Since the demise of Spacemen 3 in the early ‘90s, Spectrum
has been the most high-profile and straightforward’ of the diverse projects
undertaken by Kember, who says that it satisfies his “more song orientated and
guitar based muse” continuing the hypnotic intensity and otherworldliness which
have become his music’s trademark and legacy. (Not that his other musical
endeavors, such As Experimental Audio Research, goes lacking in hypnotic
intensity or otherworldliness. Over the years he’s also collaborated with Gruff
Rhys, the Silver Apples, Kevin Shields, Stereolab , Eddie Prevost  , Delia
Derbyshire, Robin Guthrie, Dean Wareham and Yo La Tengo.)



A short tour of major US cities is planned for September,
after an appearance at the All Tomorrow’s Parties festival taking place in
Monticello New York and curated by My Bloody Valentine.



The current line-up features  Kember, Rupert Bowkett
( guitar), Nolan Watkinson (bass guitar) and Roger Brogan (drums).
According to Kember it’s a “honed line up intertwined and hand picked to achieve
the music’s focused aim: Rare Flair, Purity, Competence and Individuality.”
They’ll be doing material from Kember’s entire back catalog, from Spacemen 3
through the Dickinson rec Indian Giver and employing his “three chords good,
two chords better, one chord  best” theory of sound sculpture. The live show
moves between a Krautrock/Stereolab style instrumental (a tribute to their late
member Mary Hansen) thru shimmering tracks including S3 classic “Transparent
Radiation” as well newer pieces lulling the audience into a trance-like state
before diving deeper down into the wah/feedback/fuzz of power-chord epics
such as “Suicide.” 




The next Spectrum album is due for release early 2009 in USA (on Detroit
based label Mind Expansion records and UK Space Age Recordings). According to
the label “the ethereal, intense, psychedelic sound of Spectrum is all but impossible
to put into words.  The performance is at once intense and sensitive. The
band manipulate their instruments into hypnotic, sensual and stimulating
rhythms & patterns.”



Well, all right then! Let’s hear it for manipulation and





Spectrum Tour Dates:



 Saturday 20th Sept – Zipper Factory, New York w/ Dean & Britta

 Sunday 21st September – All Tomorrow’s Parties,
NY State

 Monday 22nd September – The Dark Room, Chicago

Thursday 25th September – Midpoint Festival, Cincinatti

 Friday 26th September – East End , Portland

 Saturday 27th September – 12 Galaxies, ,San Francisco

 Sunday 28th September – The Echo ( Part
Time Punks) Los Angeles






Obama Makes Dumb Ad, Pisses Off ABKCO


Takes off on classic
song “(What A) Wonderful World

By Fred Mills


In Barack Obama’s newest TV ad, a reworked version of Sam
Cooke’s timeless “(What A) Wonderful World,” complete with politically-tilted
new lyrics, takes some pretty pointed potshots at John McCain. (View the ad



With images of McCain flashing on the screen (including some pointed ones
featuring him hugging President Bush), a male singer warbles ever so sweetly, “I’m
not up on the economy. Don’t know much about industry. Really can’t explain the
price of gas, Or what has happened to the middle class. But I know that one and
one is two. And if I could be just like you, what a wonderful world this would


Then at the end an announcer’s voiceover goes, “Do we really want four
more years of the same old tune?” Well, no we don’t, actually. Although to
be honest, the ad’s pretty stupid.


However, apparently as the ad circulated, it was brought to the attention of
ABKCO, which owns the original song’s publishing, and the company quickly
issued a statement distancing itself from the Obama ad.



In the statement, ABKCO Senior Vice President Iris W.
Keitel announced, quite sensibly:



Music Inc. the publisher of the song “(What A) Wonderful World” which has been
appropriated for use in a video entitled “Don’t Know Much.” The video
conveys a partisan political message that does not necessarily reflect the
views of the writers or ABKCO management and its employees.   

ABKCO does recognize that this application reflects a fair use parody and will
offer no further comment on the matter.



Ryan Adams On Book + BLURT Excerpt


The dream is always
coming true the same.. true?

By Fred Mills



Wow, talk about timing. The very same day we publish our
super-exclusive, super-duper-sneak-peek look at what may or may not appear in that
book of prose Ryan Adams is doing for Akashic next year, he makes a post to his
band The Cardinal’s blog/website outlining some of his plans for the project. Infinity Blues is the working title
(working image of the cover below, but expect that to change).


What’s fascinating is the symmetry of comments. Adams writes, “I guess this dream is coming true,” while
BLURT writes, “The dream is always the same.” Scary!


Take it away Ryan….





here’s something – it’s selfish, but
inter-cardinal related so……

i woke up today to a great email from
my bosses at AKASHIC BOOKS……

INFINITY BLUES- (“domestic-release”
working cover)….wow….i guess this dream is coming true… grandparents, who
taught me to write, and type and dream, i am so proud of all your hard work
today, even if this is a long long sad bookbut some funny too, just like those
black and white movies in the heat of the eastern seaboard- rolling through the
windows of our home…..i am so humbled and so PROUD to be an  AKASHIC BOOKS

man, this is just crazy, like when i
saw the first test pressing of the first 7inch record i was on…..

i feel like i will be able to say i
left a little of my heart here, for when i am gone, maybe there will be comfort
or safety in there, for people i will never know, for our generations never

i have to maybe go take a nap now.
bye. xx


Austin’s Lions Ready To Roar Again


More bounce to yer
‘70s ounce…

By Blurt Staff


With a high-profile tour with the reconstituted Toadies
about to kick off tonight, Texas
riff-masters Lions are set to scorch American from coast to coast over the next
month and a half. They’ll be showcasing material off last year’s acclaimed No Generation album, which will get
re-released by the Arclight label. The band’s a retro-active sensory assault
with heavy elements of ‘70s thug-punk and boogie metal as filtered through a
contemporary Lone
Star State
sensibility. Mushrooms optional, of course.


Just a list of some of the other groups they’ve been touring
with in the past should give you an idea of where they’re coming from: Blue Cheer, Burning Brides, and Local H,
and has shared the stage w/ heavy hitters such as Supersuckers, The Misfits, Valient Thorr, Early Man, DMBQ, Nebula,
Russian Circles and Daughters. They also nabbed the High Times Doobie Award this year for “Best Local Austin Band.”


In addition to the
tour, keep your ears peeled for the band’s songs featured in upcoming episodes
of Showtime series “Californication” as well as the new FX series “Sons of




1. Start Movin’
2. No Generation
3. Can You Hear Me
4. White Angel
5. Evil Eye
6. Machine
7. All Hail
8. She Gets Around
9. Witch and the Star
10. Get Out Alive



Lions Tour Dates:


Aug 26 2008 The Warehouse Shreveport, Louisiana
Aug 27 2008 The Varsity Theatre Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Aug 28 2008 The Vortex Beaumont, Texas * no Toadies
Aug 29 2008 Verizon Wireless Theater Houston, Texas
Aug 30 2008 The Deadhorse San Angelo, Texas * no Toadies
Aug 31 2008 Dia De Los Toadies Festival @ Possum Kingdom Lake Graham, Texas
Sep 3 2008 Stubb’s Austin, Texas
Sep 5 2008 House of Rock Corpus Christi, Texas * no Toadies
Sep 6 2008 Dos Amigos Odessa, Texas
Sep 8 2008 Martini Ranch Scottsdale, Arizona
Sep 9 2008 Belly Up Tavern Solana Beach, California
Sep 11 2008 Roxy Theatre Hollywood, California
Sep 13 2008 House of Blues Anaheim, California
Sep 14 2008 House of Blues Las Vegas, Nevada
Sep 15 2008 Audie’s Olympic Fresno, California * no Toadies
Sep 16 2008 Slim’s San Francisco, California
Sep 17 2008 The Boardwalk Orangevale, California
Sep 19 2008 Showbox Seattle, Washington
Sep 20 2008 Hawthorne Theatre Portland, Oregon
Sep 21 2008 Knitting Factory (The Big Easy) Boise, Idaho
Sep 22 2008 Why Sound Logan, Utah * no Toadies
Sep 23 2008 Belly Up Aspen, Colorado
Sep 24 2008 Gothic Theatre Englewood, Colorado
Sep 25 2008 Lonestar Events Center Lubbock, Texas
Sep 26 2008 Midnight Rodeo Amarillo, Texas
Oct 4 2008 Main Street Live @ Pegasus Plaza Dallas, Texas * no Toadies



CHANNEL GUIDE: Tuesday Music



Compiled by Blurt Staff


206 digital, satellite and hi-def channels and nothin’ on?
Not likely. Here are BLURT’s top music television picks of the day. The time is
followed by the network/cable/satellite channel, then the name of the program
and/or featured artist(s). All times are EST. For a comprehensive hour-by-hour
listing, go to the VH1 Rock On TV site.
Note that for certain channels, shows frequently repeat during the day on or
subsequent days.





9:00 AM Syndicated: The Ellen DeGeneres Show: Natasha


10:00 AM PBS: Sesame
Street: Feist , Jack Black


12:00 PM VH1C: Rock Fest: Rush


2:00 PM MHD: MTV Live: R.E.M.


2:00 PM VH1C: Rock Fest: Nirvana


2:00 PM VH1C: Rock Fest: Nirvana


6:00 PM Sundance: Live from Abbey Road: The Subways, Gnarls Barkley,
Herbie Hancock


7:30 PM MOJO: London
Live!: Morning Runner , Richard Hawley , Primal Scream


8:30 PM IFC: Z Rock: ZO2 , Sebastian Bach


11:35 PM CBS: The Late Show With David Letterman: Little
Anthony & the Imperials


11:35 PM NBC: The Tonight Show with Jay Leno: B.B. King



12:35 AM NBC: Late Night with Conan O’Brien: The Virgins


1:00 AM TVONE: The Tom Joyner Show: Earth, Wind & Fire


1:00 AM VH1C: Rock City w/The Rolling Stones , Otis Redding
, Cat Stevens (Yusuf) , Jimi Hendrix , Ike and Tina Turner , Eric Burdon


1:35 AM NBC: Last Call with Carson Daly: Gavin DeGraw