Obama DVD w/Oprah, Stevie Wonder En Route


Seriously – y’all need
to listen up and be mindful of the right wing static.

By Fred Mills



This isn’t necessarily a music-related artifact, but with
the Presidential campaign starting to really heat up in areas both absurd –
country music yahoo John Rich’s inane suggestion that Johnny Cash would be a
McCain supporter (Loretta Lynn, yes, but probably not Cash) – and nastily
hateful – wingnut journalist Jerome Corsi’s attempt to Swift-boat Obama with
his book The Obama Nation – we can
use all the positive inspiration we can get. Ergo, en route next week from
Rockcity Ent/MVD Visual is the DVD Barack
Obama – The Power of Change
, comprising speeches by Obama and others.



The official press release:



Obama’s campaign for president is a grassroots movement powered by passionate
and diverse Americans who demand change. This DVD is a collection of speeches
by Obama as well as by Oprah, Caroline Kennedy, Stevie Wonder and Michele
Obama. Everywhere Obama goes he draws huge crowds that cut across ethnic,
religious, racial, class, gender and ideological lines. At 46, Obama would be
one of our youngest presidents, and the first Black president of the United States.
In his phenomenal run for the most important office in the world, Obama speaks
directly to us. He brings his friends along with him to deliver his message of
change, hope and inspiration.



The 108-minute DVD arrives Sept. 30, and in addition to the
above listed individuals it will feature content from Hill Harper, Tyson
Beckford, Mitchell Schwartz, Tavis Smiley and Dr. Cornel West.



No bonus material however: we’re looking for that to happen
in November.


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