New Vids! Darling Downs, Watsons, Loxsly, Toadies



And the hits just keep
coming at BLURT TV… because we care.

By Blurt Staff


In addition to that Toadies exclusive rehearsal clip we told
you about yesterday and the Jason Isbell exclusive live performance a few days
ago (more of that soon…), we’ve also added three of our favorite new videos to
the BLURT TV section, which you can access by scrolling down or simply clicking
through HERE.



  • *The
    Watson Twins – “How Am I To Be”:  Double
    your pleasure and double your fun with this choice track off
    the Watson Twins’ recent Vanguard album Fire Songs. The ladies may
    have come to our attention via their Jenny
     connection, but they’re doing just fine on their
    own, we think. They are, as the saying goes, two breaths of fresh air
    in one.


  • *Darling Downs – “Circa ‘65”:
    Dig this freaky video for “Circa ‘65” which the Darling Downs’ Ron Peno
    and Kim Salmon call “a ‘countripolitan’ song filmed in a neo-cubist style”
    — our eyes are poppin’! Peno and Salmon, of course, comprise Australian’s
    Darling Downs, and the song comes off their new album From One To
    (Carrot Top Records). And if those names ring a bell and you
    cast your memories back to Peno’s old band the Died Pretty and Salmon’s
    myriad outfits (Scientists, Surrealists, Beasts of Bourbon, etc.) then go
    directly to the head of the Oz-rock class.


  • Loxsly – “Lamprey Eels” :
    From the forthcoming album Flashlights,
    a spacey bit of grooviness from one of Austin’s finest new bands. Mix in some
    Spoon, puree up some Beach Boys, and finally season with Wayne Coyne’s
    ashes and you just might have a sense of what this band’s all about.



Wait — you say you missed the Toadies? Let us urge you on….


hTe Toadies’ new album No Deliverance is due August 19 on the
Kirtland Records label, and it’s a BLURT-approved scorcher. We’ve got a nifty
video peek of the band rehearsing, with another one to follow next week,
and then a full song the week after that.

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