Mr. Lif w/Election-Themed Singles Series


Issuing two political
songs every three weeks until Election Day.

By Blurt Staff



Hip-hop impresario Mr. Lif returns
with more cutting edge political commentary in his new series titled I Heard
It Today
.  Presented in a completely unprecedented manner, Mr. Lif
will write and release 1-2 songs every three weeks until Election Day –
projected dates are Sept. 9, Sept. 23, Oct. 14 and Nov. 4. Following that he’ll
release one more single based on his post electoral thoughts.  This single
will preface the release of the I Heard It Today (Bloodbot Tactical
Enterprises) full length on Inauguration Day (January 20, 2009).  The
album will feature additional unreleased tracks and corresponding artwork.



Mr. Lif, unsurprisingly, rhymes
relentlessly about contemporary issues – not the least of which is the imminent
departure of George Bush from the White House. The intent of I Heard It
is to hold a mirror to the face of the society we have created and
perpetuated, and to that end Mr. Lif has brought in key hip-hop producers (J
Zone, Edan, and Illmind, among others) to create awareness on current political
issues and agendas for Americans and the global community.



Mr. Lif adds, “With a new
administration on the horizon, many of us are hoping things will change for the
better.  We are all hoping our voices will be heard and our concerns met
with solutions.  This project allows me to voice and magnify the all too
often ignored opinions of the American people. My research has led me to speak
with so many citizens nation wide, and the stories of your struggles combined
with the knowledge of my own struggles have given birth to the project now
known as I Heard It Today. “



In addition, Mr. Lif will be
issuing regular “Presidential Reports” commenting on recent events in
national and world politics. “The Presidential Report, Vol. 1”
tackles tension between Obama and McCain and the recently erupted conflict
between Russia and Georgia,
and can currently be heard on Mr. Lif’s MySpace page ( More
“Presidential Reports” will be served up to connect the dots between
each new installment of I Heard it Today.



AllHipHop ( will host exclusive
streams of the tracks one day prior to release. They will then become available
to fans worldwide via the usual digital outlets.



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