Marnie Stern Sez “This Is It” in Oct.


Fiona Apple ain’t got
nothing on Stern with that album title.

By Fred Mills


Following up her 2007 debut set In Advance of the Broken Arm,
guitar virtuosoess Marnie Stern has the
somewhat wordily-titled This Is It And I Am It And You Are It And So Is That
And He Is It And She Is It And It Is It And That Is That
due from Kill Rock
Stars October 7


According to her label, “Seeking
the next step of her musical evolution, Stern approaches her unique guitar
playing as a part of a cohesive whole rather than the expressions of virtuosity
that earmarked her prior work. The results eschew her former conceptual
leanings to create a deeply personal set of songs that are anthemic and
uplifting; a pop record for an alternate dimension.”


And you KNOW we are all about
alternate dimensions at BLURT! As Britain’s Guardian put it about the previous album, “Math-pop or
avant-rock are terms that have been deployed liberally by journalists so far
when trying to describe Marnie Stern’s sound, but even these broad terms prove
to be problematic after the first listen.” 


Watch for a full-on review of the
album shortly before its release right here at BLURT.





1. Prime

2. Transformer

3. Shea Stadium

4. Ruler

5. The Crippled Jazzer

6. Steely

7. The Package Is Wrapped

8. Simon Says

9. Vault

10. Clone Cycle

11. Roads?  Where We’re Going
We Don’t Need Roads

12. The Devil’s in the Details

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