Lykke Li Widget Offered


Like, fun things to do
with her ‘n’ stuff…

By Blurt Staff.



Lykke Li’s Youth Novels is out. You’ve read the BLURT review. You’ve read the BLURT
. You’ve scribbled all her North American tour dates on the back of
your hand. You’ve been telling everybody you know about Lykke Li.  You
want to show everybody you’re a fan.   Now you can do both by
embedding the brand new Lykke Li widget.  It’s got music, photos, video,
and links.



There’s also a free song download.



All you need to do is go HERE, click
the “get & share” button on the bottom and choose where you would
like the widget to go.  If you’re a little more tech savvy, you can also
grab the html embed code by clicking “embed” in the “get &
share” menu.


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