Lou Reed “Shooting” Wenders Film (In Foot)



By A.D. Amorosi

Also features
contributions from Grinderman, Will Oldham and Irmin Schmidt.


You know, I’ve seen Lou Reed act. It ain’t pretty.  I only bring this up because Palermo
, Wim Wenders’ road movie where a photographer
(played by Andreas Frege from Die Toten Hosen) meets up with “Death” (played by
Dennis Hopper) then Lou Reed. No matter what Reed’s thespian capabilities are,
you’d think I’d put Reed before death. But if you’ve seen Wender’s1993 Faraway, So Close!, you’d know.


This is not the
first time Wenders has put the rock stars in his movies – fond as he is, of
Nick Cave and Bono, who‘ve done bits in Wenders films they’ve soundtracked.
Cave’s Grinderman, Can’s Irmin Schmidt and Will Oldham have new music in Palermo Shooting.


It is also not
the first time that Reed has appeared in a film, even if you discount (and
please do) Faraway, So Close! While
none of us can forget his ads for Honda (is it Honda?) or his recent
docu-Schnabel Lou Reed’s Berlin,
there was of course his bit part in Prozac
where he played “Lou Reed,” (how could you not), his role right
before Harvey Keitel and Madonna started to dance (not together) in Blue in the Face (actually his best ever
role with those silly glasses), and his role in Lulu on the Bridge as “Not Lou Reed.” Wow. NOT LOU REED.


But for me, he
will always be – no, not the voice of Mok in Rock & Rule – that weird wired manager dude, “Steve Kunelian”
in Paul Simon’s One Trick Pony of
1980. If you haven’t, you need to, then forget you did. We’ll be better off.


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