Live Exclusives: Virgin Mobile, Wilco, Bad Co.


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By Blurt Staff


More concert coverage from your friendly neighborhood BLURT
– this time, we’ve got the Virgin Mobile Festival in Baltimore,
Wilco in Wilmington and, if you can dig it, the
mighty (well, in a going-through-the-motions-way) Bad Company in Hollywood, Florida. Yes, that’s right — THE Bad Company. As in “Feel Like Makin’ Love.” (Don’t we all?)





·         *We sent Roxana Hadadi and her trusty shutterbug
sidekick Adam Fried to the Virgin Mobile Festival in Baltimore last weekend, Aug. 9 and 10, and
Hadadi reported back on the good — Stooges, Gogol Bordello (Eugene Hutz, pictured above), Paramore
and Nine Inch Nails among them — the bad — Lil Wayne and the always-hideous
Bloc Party in particular and the downright annoying. “There’s a lot more to a
festival than some flashy clothes and flashing lights,” writes Hadadi, adding,
“With two days worth of music, it’s hard to confine everything to one review.”
But she did a pretty ace job of covering most of the bases And Fried’s photos
just plain kick ass.




·         *That same weekend Steve Klinge was taking in
Wilco in Wilmington,
Deleware, the night of the 10th, and he came away awestruck.
“They’re road warriors… a band at its peak,” Klinge observes, and then proceeds
to outline precisely why.



·         *And Lee Zimmerman somehow found himself at the
one-off Bad Company reunion in Hollywood,
Florida, a couple of nights
earlier on Aug. 8. (Apparently Paul Rodgers & Co. had to do a reunion show
to nail down some legalities relating to retaining the rights to the Bad
Company name; a faux-Company composed of latterday members has been touring and
Rodgers wanted to put a halt to that.)  “On this particular night,” says Zimmerman, “the band would live up to
their reputation and would neither raise nor lower the bar.  Which means
they proved to be entertaining, but far from what could be considered the stuff
o’ legend.”




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[Gogol Bordello photo by Adam Fried]


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