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By Blurt Staff


More concert coverage from your friendly neighborhood BLURT
– this time, we’ve got the Spiritualized concert from D.C. and the Rock The
Bells hip-hop tour in nearby Columbia.




·         *Spiritualized’s Washington show on July 25: Writes Stephen
Deusner, of frontman Jason Pierce, “His aloofness is part of his appeal. He
makes music that’s grandiose and cathedral, the better to lose himself utterly
in it—that’s its true narcotic effect. His standoffishness makes it possible
for listeners to get lost as well, as long as they’re wandering a different
wing of the song.”


·         *The Rock The Bells Tour hit Columbia two days later, on July 27: Roxana
Hadadi noted that about half of the acts did indeed rock the proverbial bells
while the other half phoned in their performances. “Some (like Supernatural and
Immortal Technique) amazed,” Hadadi observes, “while others (such as Mos Def)
didn’t fare so well.” Find out who the playas and suckas were. And check out
Adam Fried’s amazing, front-of-house photos (like the one above) while you’re
at it.




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