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By Blurt Staff


More concert coverage from your friendly neighborhood BLURT
– this time, we’ve got the Octopus Project in San Francisco
and Radiohead in Camden, NJ.





  • *Steve Klinge caught Radiohead’s In Rainbows tour stop in Camden on August 12, and
    he singles out guitarist Jonny Greenwood as key to the band’s mojo. “Greenwood plays the quiet
    mad scientist role in the band,” writes Klinge, “handling the most significant
    lead guitar duties, but also moving to drum programs, samples and miscellaneous
    other instruments. Whether he’s using a guitar or a computer, he seems to revel
    in the electricity of sounds even more than the notes, and it’s a thrill to
    witness. Thom Yorke’s voice and unhinged dancing command the center, but Greenwood’s restless
    artistry pushes and pulls the songs.”
  • *A few nights later, on August 16 in San Francisco, Professor Jud Cost was wowed by Austin’s Theremin-wielding
    Octopus Project. Cost describes the band’s unique sonics thusly: “Pounding
    drum-machine loops went toe-to-toe with the real thing as the volatile sound of
    this experimental/pop hybrid bounced like runaway bumper cars, from
    Stereolab-ish test-tube bleeps and gurgles to the slide-rule electronic
    migraine of Krautrock legends Kraftwerk.”





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[Radiohead photo by Steve Klinge]



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