Leaker of Guns N’ Roses Songs Busted



The MAN comes a-knockin’ for that Antiquiet kid…
By Fred Mills

We’re not saying that just because BLURT recently published a full-on feature analyzing all the proposed Guns N’ Roses tracks from the forthcoming Chinese Democracy that have found their way to the internet (see “Leaked Peek,” Aug. 1) that it meant the federal authorities ramped up their interest in cracking down on the so-called pirates. At that point there had already been a big dust-up between the Gunners camp and the website Antiquiet (www.antiquiet.com) regarding one of their main bloggers, Kevin “Skwerl” Cogill, who’d posted a number of the high-quality studio tracks to the site; a cease-and-desist resulted in Antiquiet removing the material, and you can read our account HERE.

Yesterday, though, FBI agents placed Cogill, 27, under arrest under suspicion of violating federal copyright laws. Cogill admitted to the agents to having posted the songs to the website, an arrest affidavit reveals. He was taken into custody at his home in Culver City, Calif. and was scheduled for arraignment in a Los Angeles U.S. District Court.

Meanwhile Antiquiet, in a posting titled “Abbie Hoffman, Where Are You?” (accompanied by a pretty funny, over-the-top photo of a SWAT team conducting a military-style exercise), blogger Johnny Firecloud wrote:

“Skwerl got himself hauled in by the FBI today over this whole GNR / Chinese Democracy leak fiasco, which seems to mean that people take this whole copyright thing pretty seriously. We weren’t going to make a big spectacle of this, since it’s obviously a pretty serious situation, but the plankton hacks over at the Los Angeles Times managed to pick up on the story and run it a highly suspicious impressive two hours after the incident went down. So here we are.

“In all likelihood, he’ll be back fighting the good fight from his couch by this evening. But anyone who feels like getting as equally theatrical as the feds (who were anything but quiet and graceful during their ass-crack-of-dawn descent on Skwerl’s sleepy house this morning) can come show their support with Britney and I today at the LA District Court on 255 East Temple. 2 PM. Bring your MP3 players.

“In the meantime, well-wishes in the comments, lawyer-fund donations in the PO Box, and on we rock.”


As of this writing there have been over 40 responses posted to the Antiquiet site, most of them expressing support for and solidarity with Cogill. Some of them pointed out the obvious, that he clearly violated copyright laws and this shouldn’t come as any surprise, but just the same… can you spell OVERKILL?

If Axl Rose approved or instigated of all this, and it’s likely that his lawyers had a lot to do with pushing the Feds into acting, then he should be ashamed. Perhaps he should take a lesson from when Metallica’s Lars Ulrich sanctioned the authorities coming down on file-sharers: for a good while, Ulrich was the most despised man in the metal community. Not that Axl Rose gives a shit…

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